Dark Souls 2 Scholars of the First Sin – Gamefans8

A pretty long time ago @torstenvblog covered?Dark souls 2¡­oh my?Tho I myself never really got to play it. That changed recently when I got a pretty sweet deal on it for Xbox. And I have to say having played it on PS4 a little and my Xbox One X visually there is a substantial difference. That being said the game looks pretty damn good either way. But it is a bit dated seeing as how since than we have has Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3.

@torstenvblog hit the nail pretty much right on the head when he said some of the bosses were amazing and some were pretty much the same as bosses from the previous game. Some are even just boring as hell mob bosses that serve no real purpose?other than to be annoying. The difficulty bounces between why did I bother and who the hell beats this without getting hit? All things considered the game is fun, but it is far from being the best in the series. In fact I would go so far as to say it is probably the worst in the Soulsborne series, tho that still makes it the worst in one of the best series ever created. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Surviving Mars (Xbox One) – Gamefans8

This is one of those games I pondered, should I or should I not buy this game. Then I saw it had three versions. Which one do I buy? Do I risk buying he base $40 version, loving the game and having to buy all the bullshit later? Or do I buy the biggest version and risk blowing money on a game I hate? So like any irresponsible gamer I picked up the Deluxe edition with some of the cool extra stuff . Turns out it splitting the middle bit me in the ass a little since it turns out I loved the game.

I started out pretty excited since I have always enjoyed the genre ever since I played the original Sim City on Super Nintendo. So I loaded up, set it up and picked a landing site. Upon landing I started to set up some basic resources. Cement, metal and electricity.? It wasn’t long until water and air followed and then I finally called in some living humans to settle the red planet. That is when it all went down hill. the pipes carrying air to the dome busted and everyone started to suffocate. After rushing to find some extra metal to fix the pipes, because I ran out, I managed to save them. Then an electrical wire went and they lost everything again. As I called Earth requesting more and more supplies in an attempt to catch up I never really managed to do it as my early bad decisions and even worse timing continued to kick me when I was down. Time to restart.

So I pick a new landing site, My rocket hits the ground and I immediately get to work. This time every resource gets its own dedicated depot for storage. I start minding mining concrete and metal as fast as I can while calling in multiple resupply ships. As I build my first dome I also focus on building more air and water than I need and double up on pipes and power lines so if one goes out everything keeps functioning. This time goes much smoother and as my colonist arrive and my second dome goes up and starts moving thing faster things start getting easier.

The game looks beautiful and the music is great and varied with each station having its own fun little commercials. I also wouldn’t classify the game as hard but it can be a challenge, but the game does punish you for your mistakes and one disaster can have a cascading effect on colony as a whole. The game is very well done and any fan of the genre would be wise to give this one a chance. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sega Collection Leaked – Gamefans8

As you can see by the picture, a Sega Genesis collection has been leaked an will release for May 29th. What games will be included in this 50 game collection on PS4 Xbox one and PC has yet to be announced, but hopefully we will know more soon. You can see a trailer here at?IGN?best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Borderlands 3 Rumors – Gamefans8

This one should be filed under take with a grain of salt, but be hopeful because really its about that time, according to?comicbook.com?and other sites we may be getting an official reveal of Borderlands 3 just before E3 this year. Many people have mixed feelings about this with Borderlands 2 being considered one of the all time greats but the Pre-sequel being considered meh by many some worry BL3 won’t be able to hold up.

With that being said?Gamerant?reports that much of the information and a recent leak very much appears to be fake and the evidence for such is very compelling tho even they admit that the game seems like it will be coming before March 2019. With E3 right around the corner we won’t have long to wait, best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.


A Way Out – Gamefans8

Here is the concept for? A Way Out, 2 guys in prison must break out, go on a revenge mission. There is a small catch here tho. This game must be played with a friend, and both in-game characters have very different personalities and ways of doing things. Every so often the 2 players that must choose one of the 2 characters will have to pick which idea to take.

Leo is more of the loose cannon hardened criminal type. He meets things more head one.??Vincent on the other hand is more down to earth and thought out. That isn’t to say he isn’t willing to go off the deep end a bit, at one point you end up torturing a guy together.

The game play itself is smooth and the game while not the best looking game is still quite beautiful, I had no complaints in this department, especially at the $30 price point it’s offered at. The game does run a little on the short side, but this is most likely so people can play through multiple times with various people. The game is actually one of the few games I have played that required 2 players that I honestly did not mind the requirement. Also the fact that one person can download the free trial then play the full game with someone who owns the game is fantastic in itself. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Sea of Thieves First Legendary Pirate – Gamefans8

Among the many complaints of the lack of content for Sea of Thieves is the forgotten by many fact that there is post game content not yet seen by anyone. Maxing out all factions at level 50 gets you the rank of Pirate Legend, something nobody had done, until recently. A Twitch streamer as reported by?IGN?became the first to accomplish this.

Now some people have claimed he cheated by streaming and when his viewers had loot asking to join them, selling it for the money and experience, then just moving on to the next person tho honestly take this with a HUGE grain of salt. I can’t on any way confirm this and as is common with the internet people like to get jealous or simply repeat rumors,I only mention it to make people aware the rumor does exist. Regardless, congrats to the first Pirate Legend. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

No Man’s Sky Xbox One – Gamefans8

Not long ago an ambitious game was released that disappointed many, No Man’s Sky. It lack many of the features that were said would be there, the game was mostly just collecting resources just to fly to the next planet and do the same thing and the creatures looked very off. The game was a lot of fun for people who enjoyed that type of game, but many were very much not happy.

Hello Games however did eventually start releasing updates to correct this, some small some large. Many of the promised features were added and the game has greatly improved.? Hello Games announced the biggest update yet, titled Next. Not much is known besides the fact that it will be free. But that isn’t the biggest announcement they had. With 4k and HDR support it will also launch for the Xbox One and with Xbox one X enhancements.? So until then, stay safe and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Pokemon Switch Leaked Image? – Gamefans8

Recently an image came out that allegedly is a leaked image of Pokemon for the Nintendo Switch. As always take this with a HUGE grain of salt. I got this from Dreamcast guy over on Twitter when he shared it and obviously he doesn’t know if its real nor does he claim it is. However if it is it really just looks like an up-scaled version of a 3DS game. I am actually pretty ok with that honestly, but many people will probably be disappointed.

My honest opinion tho, this probably is not from the Switch version of the game. I can’t see them not going all out in the long-awaited console version of the main series Pokemon game and I really can’t see this being the only leak to come out. Either way it could be an interest E3. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Far Cry 5 (Xbox One X) – Gamefans8

Far Cry is one of those series that is notorious for certain things. For example climbing a ton of towers to reveal the map and find missions. A lot of damn towers, what feels like hundreds of towers. There is never hundreds of it them but it always feels like them. So early in Far Cry 5 I am climbing my first tower thinking ” Here we fucking go” and as I climb something unexpected happens, the game suddenly becomes self-aware and the guy makes a joke about not making me climb towers all over the county. You know what? 12 hours later I hadn’t climbed a single tower.

The story is pretty typical of the series, someone takes over some place, a guy helps free it from a madman using what can only be described as pretty much super human abilities even to he isn’t super human. This time around it’s a crazy cult leader that has taken Hope County in Montana. While it’s never truly said explicitly they seem to be taking a shot here at far right extremist in America. During one fire fight a cultist starts screaming at me about being a “snowflake” for example, and all of them are clearly insane and brainwashed. At another part a guy is using a huge cross to kinda beat a dead body, tho he may have been digging a hole. I was busy shooting him with an arrow to truly know.

Now before anyone thinks this is some sort of shot at Christians or Republicans hold on a minute. These are not Christians or Republicans. They truly are insane cultist. Everyone in the county are pretty much country folk that own guns, love god and America. There is even a priest helping you out and fighting to free Hope county.

I explain all this because I have seen a few people saying they won’t buy the game because they are clearly being political and attacking America or Christians and I have seen a few reviews say it could have been a good game but they clearly are making a political statement. None of this is true. It is simply a game that takes place in an area that would in reality have a lot of guns and religious people and would be a likely place for a cult to pop up.

Graphically the game looks beautiful on the Xbox One X and at no time did I ever experience any slow down or frame rate loss even when a lot was going on and bullets were flying. The sounds are immersive and the music very fitting. There are however? a few in-game glitches that are worth noting. For example I have experienced enemies randomly re-spawning after I kill them to attack me again numerous times. Not in the I leave the area or anything. Just drop them and they stand back up and attack. Enemies have also floated, once I even saw a car do it. Nothing game breaking but it should be noted that these things do happen. The game however is worth playing, and it has my full recommendation. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.