Punisher (2004) – Gamefans8

While I’m ridiculously behind on my Netflix MCU stuff like Daredevil, Defenders, and most recently Punisher, I’m glad the vigilante Frank Castle is back in the spotlight once again. It always bugged me his 2004 film never really took off. As far as character origins, Punisher’s is good old revenge, plain and simple. Left for dead after a mobster kills his entire family, ex military man Frank Castle declares a one man war on criminals. Simple but satisfying. Thomas Jane was underappreciated as Castle, the movie had pretty decent acting all around. The action scenes were appropriately gory and badass but weren’t flashy. One of the biggest gripes I hear is it was too depressing- no shit it was depressing. I’ve never heard anyone use comical, light-hearted, or whimsical to describe a Punisher comic. It’s not a classic in the genre but it’s still a good, solid action movie that I hope gets more love in time. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Beavis and Butthead – Gamefans8

Before the dawn of South Park and Family Guy, this was the cartoon that pissed off parents and scared PTAs because no one wanted to say they spawned idiots like Beavis and Butthead. These two dimwit teenage headbangers were the nightmare of there school, neighborhood, and all of Highland with there raw stupidity as they persevered in the name of scoring chicks and getting beer and nachos. And god love you if they get there hands on power tools. One of my favorite shorts was them stealing poor Mr. Anderson’s (prototype Hank Hill from King of the Hill) riding mower to destroy peoples flowers, get drive through, and ditch it in a four way intersection. May favorite times were when Beavis got jacked up on sugar or caffeine and became the Great Cornholio- which on a personal note, I went trick or treating as when I was 18. Don’t judge. Indeed the show is dumb but some of the satire and parodies are pretty clever and if anything, it’s very much a time capsule of the 90’s for all it’s worth. In the end, I recommend the classic 90’s seasons, not the newer ones they tried in this generation. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Celebrity Deathmatch – Gamefans8

If this were the magical phenomenon known as Celebrity Deathmatch, Savior would be Johnny Gomez and I’d be Nick Diamond. Another awesome piece of the 90’s many have shamefully forgotten and to those that knew of it and have I proclaim SHAME! In Deathmatch we got to see the bloody and brutal clay animated fights between celebs we wished would thrown down in real life. Famous Fights have included Beavis Vs Butthead, Jimi Hendrix vs Lenny Kravitz, Nsync vs the Backstreet Boys, and about a million others. Johnny and Nick had there own wacky skits in between fights and every fight began with Mills Lane famously echoing “Let’s get it on”. Sadly the show faded into damn near total total memory though pieces and even a few episodes are up on YouTube. I recommend checking it out if you can and may the gaming gods bring you glory.