Big Bear (2017) – Gamefans8

Big Bear is the story of a wedding that almost was. So what is a guy and his friends to do? Have the party anyway! One small issue however, one of his friends decides the best idea is to kidnap the guy his fiancee left him for.

The movie itself is pretty fun, I was actually expecting a sort rip off of the hangover movies but that is thankfully not what we got at all. The first night we do see a bunch of drinking, and a stripper, and they do have a hangover in the morning however there won’t be any memory loss shenanigans.

The story mostly focuses on how this guy managed to steal his fiancee in the first place,and what they are going to do with him now that his idiot friend kidnapped him in the first place. There are some cheap laughs and it has its moments that will make you think. The movie isn’t great, but I did enjoy it none the less. Its worth checking out if you have some free time but don’t expect some sort of life altering experience. Its good enough for what it is and it will entertain you and the ending is great. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Injustice 2 (2nd opinion) – Gamefans8

Now some of you may remember when @torstenvblog covered Injustice 2 awhile back, and with?Injustice 2:Legendary Edition?coming out I figured I would give my opinion of the game.

The first injustice was great with an amazing story, but after the story there wasn’t exactly much to keep doing unless you were heavily into fighting games. This time around however, we have multiple endings. On top of that there is a sort of RPG element to it where you can level up your characters and equip them with new gear as well. This adds quite a bit of replay value, but they didn’t stop there.

The multiverse alone is a game all in its own. Every day or sometimes every week you can take quest to help heroes from different places save their homes to earn loot or experience. Some require you use different characters or be at some level. This so far may be the best fighting game I have played ever and it is highly recommended. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Destiny AKA Reaper (1921) – Gamefans8

Sometimes I watch movies from way back in the day. Like so far back you need a history lesson. For example this movie, Destiny, called Reaper on Netflix was originally released as Behind The Wall in the United States back in 1921 and was called?Der m¨¹de Tod:?ein deutsches volkslied?in Germany it seems. I say it seems because I don’t speak any German so that may just be the same name in a different language.

The movie itself is a silent film that us a fantasy love story that follows multiple couples. My favorite involves a woman attempting to make a deal with Death to get her lost love back but she can’t make the sacrifices Death demands.

The movie, not unlike?Metropolis Restored (1927)?has been damaged quite a bit over the years and has been re-pieced together from multiple sources tho not as extensively as Metropolis. I didn’t enjoy this one as much but its historic value can’t be understated. Movies from that time are rarely found complete and are even more rarely shown so readily to the public. If you have the time its pretty cool to check out for the movie buffs out there. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghostbusters (1984) – Gamefans8

Every so often Netflix or Hulu adds a movie and I just have to sit back and watch. Or I just rip it out of my collection for old times sake. Ghostbusters is a classic, and with very good reason. The story of Peter, Ray,Egon and Winston saving New York from Ghost and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man is one every kid in the 80’s and 90’s knows by heart. It launched video games, cartoons, toys, sequels and even came back in 2016 with an all girl cast which got mixed reviews. Admittedly I have not seen it yet but I keep telling myself I will get around to it,

The first Ghostbusters movie covers the founding of the team itself, from them being fired from the local college to the very first call where they capture Slimer. It isn’t long before they get accused of causing all these ghost to appear and tossed in jail by the EPA. There is plenty of fun stuff in between, but I don’t want to ruin this for the rare person that hasn’t seen this. The gaming gods would like to remind you, if someone asks if you are a god, you say yes.

Chrono Trigger PC Review – Gamefans8

As you may remember this game got some a lot of flak when it first got released, more on that here?Chrono Trigger PC..Sort Of.?After spending some time with it I won’t say some of it wasn’t deserved, because it was. But it was quite a bit exaggerated as well. For example graphically the game did have some issues. The filter they used was a bit off and some of the trees looked off. The user interface however wasn’t as bad as the steam reviews would lead you to believe. You could use the mouse sort of like a touch pad where you old down the right-click and walk around, but I found that on accident. You don’t have to use that. Using my PS4 controller worked perfectly fine and gave me no issues at all.

The game played perfectly fine, the story is there completely and the combat works just the way you think it would. Getting used to what buttons to hit took a few minutes but being a console gamer playing a PC game I always have that issue. If you never played this game before, I have no issue recommending this one. However if you have a Nintendo DS or 3DS the DS version is the best version to own. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghost Recon Wild lands – Gamefans8

Ghost recon Wild lands is the story of a team of special operatives trying to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel. The map is massive and full of vehicles to drive and helicopters to fly. The map is broken up into sections and each section has at least one cartel boss in it. The game play itself will put you and 3 computer characters or human players to deal with different missions in different ways depending on how you choose. If you want to sneak in under the cover of night while strategically killing everyone feel free. Or run in and just gun people down. It is also possible to just steal a helicopter with a machine gun and circle the base killing people.

The game can be a bit repetitive however as much of the game revolves around simply searching for collectibles to level up or for info then killing a boss then doing the same thing in the next area. I did have a lot of fun and with friends it is even better. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (2nd Opinion) – Gamefans8

South Park, the Fractured But Whole is a direct sequel South Park, The Stick Of Truth. You may remember @torstenvblog covering?South Park: The Fractured But Whole.?I didn’t get to play it myself until recently and I won’t say I am disappointed, just that I preferred Stick of Truth. That being said the battle system is still turn based but now takes place in a grid system. Moves now have an area of effect. Each south park child also now has a sort of class that determines the moves they get.

The story itself starts as Stick of Truth ends when Eric finds a reward poster for a cat and decides his team of super heroes, Coon and friends, need to save the cat and collect the money.? From there it is typical south park shenanigans with fart jokes, swearing and all around weird shit going on. If you enjoyed the first game or the show in general you will enjoy this one. You also don’t have to play Stick of Truth to enjoy Fractured but Whole tho it does help. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Gravel PS4 Review – Gamefans8

Its not often I play a racing game, not that I have anything against them, they just aren’t my deal. This one tho caught my eye since admittedly the the trailer had good music and dirt racing is more fun than NASCAR to me. That actually sums the game up pretty nicely tho. The game has numerous race styles, tho I liked spinning out in the snow. Yea I sucked and spent most of my time drifting into walls. The graphics looked great and the music was fun. The car had plenty of car options with different paint jobs. There are certainly racing games with more customization out there make no mistake there, but this one has enough to get the job done and there are enough races to make the price tag worth it. For fans of the style, its a must by. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Brothers Grimm (2005) – Gamefans8

This is one of those movies i am not 100% sure how to score.? The movie from a critical stand point is not good. The story is all over the place, much if it making no real sense and doesn’t actually line up with the actual Brothers Grimm Stories themselves. The special effects even for the time were quite corny tho much of that was intentional admittedly for a story purpose.

Here is why I am torn, with Matt Damon and Heath Ledger the acting was great and the movie was simply a fun and entertaining experience and really that is the point of a movie in the first place. The plot holes aren’t distracting, tho they are clearly present. The characters never go thru any real building, they simply are what they are, which for the most part is fine since they are solid characters anyway. The best way of putting it is if you are looking for a deep, meaningful and insightful experience this is not the movie for you. However, if you want something fun and entertaining, this movie is an excellent choice. Best wishes and ma the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dark Souls 2 Scholars of the First Sin – Gamefans8

A pretty long time ago @torstenvblog covered?Dark souls 2¡­oh my?Tho I myself never really got to play it. That changed recently when I got a pretty sweet deal on it for Xbox. And I have to say having played it on PS4 a little and my Xbox One X visually there is a substantial difference. That being said the game looks pretty damn good either way. But it is a bit dated seeing as how since than we have has Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3.

@torstenvblog hit the nail pretty much right on the head when he said some of the bosses were amazing and some were pretty much the same as bosses from the previous game. Some are even just boring as hell mob bosses that serve no real purpose?other than to be annoying. The difficulty bounces between why did I bother and who the hell beats this without getting hit? All things considered the game is fun, but it is far from being the best in the series. In fact I would go so far as to say it is probably the worst in the Soulsborne series, tho that still makes it the worst in one of the best series ever created. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.