Pokemon Pinball – Gamefans8

If you had a GameBoy Color in the early 2000’s, this game was a necessity. As the title suggests, it’s Pokemon themed Pinball in the palm of your hand. You had a red stage and blue stage with all 150 original Pokemon to capture and evolve. After every three Pokemon captured or one capture and a evolution, you got to play a fun mini game whether it was battling MewTwo or bashing Meowth for coins. Though simple, it was easy to get lost and addicted trying to beat that ludicrously high score your friend set as the rumble numbed your hands after hours. There isn’t much to say, the game was simple and fun as games should be and deserves a go. May the gaming gods bring you glory as you go catch them all.

Dazed and Confused (1993) – Gamefans8

This is another movie I didn’t see until well after it came out. I actually had a friend that kept calling me? Matthew McConaughey and when I asked why he wouldn’t tell me, all he kept saying was watch the movie. Finally I did and well, my girlfriend while legal was a bit younger than me. We met freshmen year in college, tho I went through the army before college and she went straight from high school. You do the math.

The movie itself however is amazing.? Its a coming of age story about a few of the football players and choosing between giving in to the demands of the coach, or staying true to themselves. It doesn’t stop there tho. There is a love story as well, there is some philosophy talk and even a fun side story about the tradition of of High School seniors essentially chasing the soon to be freshmen down and beating them with paddles.

Now I am not quite old enough to know anything about what the 70’s was like. I was born after that, but the stories I hear makes it seem pretty accurate. The acting is also amazing and they really capture what many think of when they think stereotypical high school experience. It is one of those cult classic movies people love and there is a reason for it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Men in Black (1997) – Gamefans8

Every so often I see a movie and I notice the year it came out and my brain goes damn it I am old. Tho a friend of mine just recently pointed out I have known her for almost 30 years so that wrecked my life a little bit to know I have known her almost my entire life. Men in Black is one of those movies. 1997 doesn’t seem that long ago, but 20 years went by pretty quick apparently.

Men in Black as you know spawned two sequels, a cartoon, video games and rumor has it soon a Men in Black 4. More on that tho in a future post. For now the original. The first one sees Will Smith as a regular old cop doing his job, and suddenly chasing a guy down on foot. This dude is quick and can jump damn near like an Olympic athlete. This catches the eye of the character played by Tommy Lee Jones, Agent K.

Agent K eventually test a group of people, and chooses Will Smith to be an agent, Agent J. Together they are essentially the police that operate independently of even the governments of the world as the police for the numerous aliens that visit and live on Earth. The movie is fun and has actually popularized a few conspiracy theories, one of which basically says the movie was released by the government to judge how people would take the news of aliens and such a groups existence being real. The movie holds up pretty well, and I definitely recommend seeing it. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

War of the Worlds (1953) – Gamefans8

War of the Worlds has had many iterations, from the many movies, books and even the original radio broadcast that has spread its own host of urban legends, some of which I covered here?Brave New Jersey (2016).

The 1953 version however is by far my favorite, Based off the novel by H.G. Wells and the screen play by Barre Lyndon. The story takes place in a small California town on a night like most others. People are at a local dance or out to eat even a few on a little fishing trip camping out. When a meteorite strikes nearby people get curious, after all who wouldn’t?

A few days later when it cools down and people can get close enough to investigate is when things go from fun and interesting, to world-changing bad. As the meteorite opens to reveal itself to be instead to be alien ships invading the earth.

The acting in the movie is great, you can actually believe these people are scared of what is taking place and for its time the effects are stunning. Sure by the standards of today they are primitive but imagine going to see this on the big screen back in 1953 with your girlfriend, having never seen anything like this when the ship starts shooting or when you finally see this alien come on-screen and grab the girl’s shoulder from behind.

Sure we have the benefit of it being remastered in color and have seen things much better, but for its time this thing was creepy as hell. Even when I was a kid having grown up with horror movies I remember thinking how I would have freaked if this ugly little bastard managed to sneak up on me.

The ending is also amazing, and I don’t mind spoiling it because the movie is over 60 years old, but if you plan on seeing it after reading this and don’t want it spoiled now is the time to stop reading. Seriously, last chance.

Now I assume you are ready for the spoiler. The end is with the world mostly in ruins, people rioting cars flipped and burning we find out main characters hiding in a church after even nuclear weapons failed to stop the invaders. When suddenly the ship heading their way simply starts to fall and crashes into a building. A hatch opens, an alien starts to appear and stops. Our brave scientist inches his way over to discover it is mysteriously dead. What is even more is all of these ships seem to be slowly doing the same thing. Not all at once, but slowly over time dying. For all their technology they failed to take into account one thing. The germs of Earth played hell with their immune system. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghostbusters 2 (1989) – Gamefans8

The Ghostbusters are back, sort of. After the events of the first movie they get sued for all the damage they caused and are forced out of business when they are banned from investigating the paranormal. No good deed goes unpunished right guys? Tho it is a Ghostbusters movie after all, so they will do some digging anyway and discover a river of slime under where a baby carriage mysteriously stopped. Of course they get caught and arrested however, it doesn’t really take much to get caught excavating a road even in New York.

Lucky or unlucky for them the judge is a real hard ass, and the slime reacts to negative emotion and unleashes a few ghost in the courtroom. After the Ghostbusters refuse to do their job since they would be breaking the law, they are court ordered to go back to work.

After much more investigation, Vigo reveals himself, and he wants a body. However you are going to have to watch the movie to find out more. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Destiny AKA Reaper (1921) – Gamefans8

Sometimes I watch movies from way back in the day. Like so far back you need a history lesson. For example this movie, Destiny, called Reaper on Netflix was originally released as Behind The Wall in the United States back in 1921 and was called?Der m¨¹de Tod:?ein deutsches volkslied?in Germany it seems. I say it seems because I don’t speak any German so that may just be the same name in a different language.

The movie itself is a silent film that us a fantasy love story that follows multiple couples. My favorite involves a woman attempting to make a deal with Death to get her lost love back but she can’t make the sacrifices Death demands.

The movie, not unlike?Metropolis Restored (1927)?has been damaged quite a bit over the years and has been re-pieced together from multiple sources tho not as extensively as Metropolis. I didn’t enjoy this one as much but its historic value can’t be understated. Movies from that time are rarely found complete and are even more rarely shown so readily to the public. If you have the time its pretty cool to check out for the movie buffs out there. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghostbusters (1984) – Gamefans8

Every so often Netflix or Hulu adds a movie and I just have to sit back and watch. Or I just rip it out of my collection for old times sake. Ghostbusters is a classic, and with very good reason. The story of Peter, Ray,Egon and Winston saving New York from Ghost and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man is one every kid in the 80’s and 90’s knows by heart. It launched video games, cartoons, toys, sequels and even came back in 2016 with an all girl cast which got mixed reviews. Admittedly I have not seen it yet but I keep telling myself I will get around to it,

The first Ghostbusters movie covers the founding of the team itself, from them being fired from the local college to the very first call where they capture Slimer. It isn’t long before they get accused of causing all these ghost to appear and tossed in jail by the EPA. There is plenty of fun stuff in between, but I don’t want to ruin this for the rare person that hasn’t seen this. The gaming gods would like to remind you, if someone asks if you are a god, you say yes.

Chrono Trigger PC Review – Gamefans8

As you may remember this game got some a lot of flak when it first got released, more on that here?Chrono Trigger PC..Sort Of.?After spending some time with it I won’t say some of it wasn’t deserved, because it was. But it was quite a bit exaggerated as well. For example graphically the game did have some issues. The filter they used was a bit off and some of the trees looked off. The user interface however wasn’t as bad as the steam reviews would lead you to believe. You could use the mouse sort of like a touch pad where you old down the right-click and walk around, but I found that on accident. You don’t have to use that. Using my PS4 controller worked perfectly fine and gave me no issues at all.

The game played perfectly fine, the story is there completely and the combat works just the way you think it would. Getting used to what buttons to hit took a few minutes but being a console gamer playing a PC game I always have that issue. If you never played this game before, I have no issue recommending this one. However if you have a Nintendo DS or 3DS the DS version is the best version to own. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Grand Theft Auto 3 – Gamefans8

I grew up with Grand Theft Auto, beginning with this entry as many- controversies and all. Yes, most people played it to kill anything that moved, wreck cars, blow shit up, and occasionally pick up a hooker or two and watch the car rock while you two just sat awkwardly in it. For a while, this game was every parent’s worst nightmare.

Though not as raunchy and vulgar as?Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?, this game sets the stage. You and a dude named 8-Ball get set up, go to prison, and get free when the transport gets wrecked and now you gotta figure out who the hell was behind it as you dig into the crime infected hellhole that is Liberty City.

In 2001, this game really set a new precedent for open world games to come and the amount of freedom you could possess in them. 2018, much of the game hasn’t aged well I’m afraid. Graphics range from meh to damn right crappy, water past knee high kills you super quick, gun play is sloppy, and the missions become punishing too quickly at times. But the game is hilarious. Whether you are getting beaten up by the elderly, listening to a mobster cry about his mommy issues on the radio, or listen to the absurd random crap the people say walkin down the street (I’m hot and you’re not.) Driving handles pretty well after all this time and the stunts are cool.? It ain’t a terrible game but don’t expect a legendary experience after all this time. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Trapt – Gamefans8

What’s one of the biggest cliches in gaming? Cute, defenseless princess gets kidnapped and a hero needs to come to save her (not mentioning names Peach.) I found this PS2 pseudo-horror game on accident and while it kicked my ass, it also was a rarity for me at the time- a game that is badass but made me think.

Allura is a princess on the run after her father is murdered and she is framed by her evil stepmother. Her only refuge seems to be a Gothic manor where she gets possessed by essentially the Devil. She gains the power to summon traps in the house to kill her pursuers.

I will tell you off the bat I didn’t play the game in English but Japanese dub with English subtitle; I’m not sure if there is a English dub. The game isn’t perfect but fun. You set traps along the floor, wall, and ceiling, and use yourself to lure your prey to them. Besides these traps, you are defenseless so don’t get cornered and keep moving. The traps are cool and damn right cruel by the end, so if you are a?Saw?fan I’d definitely check it out. There are very elusive ultimate environmental traps that once triggered are disturbingly awesome, unless you get caught in them that is. Your own traps can kill you. Graphically, the game looks pretty and sounds nice. I found myself near rage-quit a few times because of either a bullshit kill or a certain boss that is a absolute pain about half way through. I’d recommend some research before buying but I found it alright in the end. May the gaming gods bring you glory.