Pokemon Pinball – Gamefans8

If you had a GameBoy Color in the early 2000’s, this game was a necessity. As the title suggests, it’s Pokemon themed Pinball in the palm of your hand. You had a red stage and blue stage with all 150 original Pokemon to capture and evolve. After every three Pokemon captured or one capture and a evolution, you got to play a fun mini game whether it was battling MewTwo or bashing Meowth for coins. Though simple, it was easy to get lost and addicted trying to beat that ludicrously high score your friend set as the rumble numbed your hands after hours. There isn’t much to say, the game was simple and fun as games should be and deserves a go. May the gaming gods bring you glory as you go catch them all.

Zodiac (2007) – Gamefans8

Hey who here loves serial killers? Pretty morbid question to ask I know. My favorite is Jack the Ripper. I know its cliche and everyone mentions him but he is just a fun one with a great conspiracy surrounding him. This movie is about the case surrounding the Zodiac killer.

Admittedly I am not overly familiar with the case and stuff surrounding the Zodiac killer, but the movie it self does an amazing job telling the story from different angles. From the killer standpoint we get to see the different murders from that perspective. This is interesting but is clearly just supposition for the movie. On the flip side we also get to see the side from the media getting letters from Zodiac and the decision to print the first letters or not and the toll it took on one of the writers when Zodiac started threatening him.

The other side is the perspective of the cops and their hunt to find him and their struggle and the toll it took on the detectives chasing him and what it was like attempting to catch an elusive and dangerous killer as he avoided them at every turn.

The movie was fun and interesting but was pretty long and had a tendency to drag and felt like some parts dragged a big to much. If you like this sort of thing the movie is great, if not you may be a little bored at times. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Kingdom Come Deliverance – Gamefans8

Kingdom Come Deliverance seems to be a pretty divisive game even among my close friends. The word Eurojank gets tossed around a lot as well. One friend takes great issue with the eating mechanic claiming it gets in the way, and admittedly I do wish Henry would shut up with his damn complaining about being hungry every 2 minutes when he isn’t even that hungry. There is one thing we all agree on tho, but I will get to that a little later.

To start, the game is beautiful on my Xbox One X but there is a small exception to that. Sometimes the graphics don’t quite load as fast in some spots on others and for a moment certain things won’t load in and suddenly you got a chick walking around with no head for a few seconds or suddenly a tree that wasn’t there will suddenly be there. Its nothing game breaking and at times it will be funny, but some people this will be a major issue for.

The combat is nice, it is however slow and methodical. Unlike games like Skyrim or the most action games you won’t be running in and hacking and slashing your way to a quick win, at least not often. You will be circling each other and attempting to out smart each other as you slash and stab each other. There is also no magic at all in this game.

Two things you do pretty much NEED to know, as of now the lock picking while technically possible is hard as hell. In fact I have spoken to several people who have never even managed to do it. I tried once and said screw it and stopped trying since the company has said they intend to fix it in an upcoming patch. The second thing you need to know is that you play the son of a blacksmith and as such you pretty much suck at EVERTYHING. In fact your character can not even read at the start of the game. Many of the issues people have with the game actually seems to stem from the fact that in a way this is a true RPG. You aren’t a chosen one or special really in any way. You simply are the son of a blacksmith and the game treats you as such. Many of the games characters actually talk down to you because of it.

The game is far from perfect, you can find many Youtube videos about the many glitches in the game, and there are many possible to run in to. My hours in the game didn’t have me come across any of the severe ones like floating people or people loading inside of other people,sadly because I really want to try to shoot a floating person with an arrow but hey, no luck so far.

The game is best viewed however as a medieval life simulator if you want to get the most enjoyment. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Injustice 2 (2nd opinion) – Gamefans8

Now some of you may remember when @torstenvblog covered Injustice 2 awhile back, and with?Injustice 2:Legendary Edition?coming out I figured I would give my opinion of the game.

The first injustice was great with an amazing story, but after the story there wasn’t exactly much to keep doing unless you were heavily into fighting games. This time around however, we have multiple endings. On top of that there is a sort of RPG element to it where you can level up your characters and equip them with new gear as well. This adds quite a bit of replay value, but they didn’t stop there.

The multiverse alone is a game all in its own. Every day or sometimes every week you can take quest to help heroes from different places save their homes to earn loot or experience. Some require you use different characters or be at some level. This so far may be the best fighting game I have played ever and it is highly recommended. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Gravel PS4 Review – Gamefans8

Its not often I play a racing game, not that I have anything against them, they just aren’t my deal. This one tho caught my eye since admittedly the the trailer had good music and dirt racing is more fun than NASCAR to me. That actually sums the game up pretty nicely tho. The game has numerous race styles, tho I liked spinning out in the snow. Yea I sucked and spent most of my time drifting into walls. The graphics looked great and the music was fun. The car had plenty of car options with different paint jobs. There are certainly racing games with more customization out there make no mistake there, but this one has enough to get the job done and there are enough races to make the price tag worth it. For fans of the style, its a must by. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Chrono Trigger PC Review – Gamefans8

As you may remember this game got some a lot of flak when it first got released, more on that here?Chrono Trigger PC..Sort Of.?After spending some time with it I won’t say some of it wasn’t deserved, because it was. But it was quite a bit exaggerated as well. For example graphically the game did have some issues. The filter they used was a bit off and some of the trees looked off. The user interface however wasn’t as bad as the steam reviews would lead you to believe. You could use the mouse sort of like a touch pad where you old down the right-click and walk around, but I found that on accident. You don’t have to use that. Using my PS4 controller worked perfectly fine and gave me no issues at all.

The game played perfectly fine, the story is there completely and the combat works just the way you think it would. Getting used to what buttons to hit took a few minutes but being a console gamer playing a PC game I always have that issue. If you never played this game before, I have no issue recommending this one. However if you have a Nintendo DS or 3DS the DS version is the best version to own. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ghost Recon Wild lands – Gamefans8

Ghost recon Wild lands is the story of a team of special operatives trying to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel. The map is massive and full of vehicles to drive and helicopters to fly. The map is broken up into sections and each section has at least one cartel boss in it. The game play itself will put you and 3 computer characters or human players to deal with different missions in different ways depending on how you choose. If you want to sneak in under the cover of night while strategically killing everyone feel free. Or run in and just gun people down. It is also possible to just steal a helicopter with a machine gun and circle the base killing people.

The game can be a bit repetitive however as much of the game revolves around simply searching for collectibles to level up or for info then killing a boss then doing the same thing in the next area. I did have a lot of fun and with friends it is even better. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole (2nd Opinion) – Gamefans8

South Park, the Fractured But Whole is a direct sequel South Park, The Stick Of Truth. You may remember @torstenvblog covering?South Park: The Fractured But Whole.?I didn’t get to play it myself until recently and I won’t say I am disappointed, just that I preferred Stick of Truth. That being said the battle system is still turn based but now takes place in a grid system. Moves now have an area of effect. Each south park child also now has a sort of class that determines the moves they get.

The story itself starts as Stick of Truth ends when Eric finds a reward poster for a cat and decides his team of super heroes, Coon and friends, need to save the cat and collect the money.? From there it is typical south park shenanigans with fart jokes, swearing and all around weird shit going on. If you enjoyed the first game or the show in general you will enjoy this one. You also don’t have to play Stick of Truth to enjoy Fractured but Whole tho it does help. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dark Souls 2 Scholars of the First Sin – Gamefans8

A pretty long time ago @torstenvblog covered?Dark souls 2¡­oh my?Tho I myself never really got to play it. That changed recently when I got a pretty sweet deal on it for Xbox. And I have to say having played it on PS4 a little and my Xbox One X visually there is a substantial difference. That being said the game looks pretty damn good either way. But it is a bit dated seeing as how since than we have has Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3.

@torstenvblog hit the nail pretty much right on the head when he said some of the bosses were amazing and some were pretty much the same as bosses from the previous game. Some are even just boring as hell mob bosses that serve no real purpose?other than to be annoying. The difficulty bounces between why did I bother and who the hell beats this without getting hit? All things considered the game is fun, but it is far from being the best in the series. In fact I would go so far as to say it is probably the worst in the Soulsborne series, tho that still makes it the worst in one of the best series ever created. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Surviving Mars (Xbox One) – Gamefans8

This is one of those games I pondered, should I or should I not buy this game. Then I saw it had three versions. Which one do I buy? Do I risk buying he base $40 version, loving the game and having to buy all the bullshit later? Or do I buy the biggest version and risk blowing money on a game I hate? So like any irresponsible gamer I picked up the Deluxe edition with some of the cool extra stuff . Turns out it splitting the middle bit me in the ass a little since it turns out I loved the game.

I started out pretty excited since I have always enjoyed the genre ever since I played the original Sim City on Super Nintendo. So I loaded up, set it up and picked a landing site. Upon landing I started to set up some basic resources. Cement, metal and electricity.? It wasn’t long until water and air followed and then I finally called in some living humans to settle the red planet. That is when it all went down hill. the pipes carrying air to the dome busted and everyone started to suffocate. After rushing to find some extra metal to fix the pipes, because I ran out, I managed to save them. Then an electrical wire went and they lost everything again. As I called Earth requesting more and more supplies in an attempt to catch up I never really managed to do it as my early bad decisions and even worse timing continued to kick me when I was down. Time to restart.

So I pick a new landing site, My rocket hits the ground and I immediately get to work. This time every resource gets its own dedicated depot for storage. I start minding mining concrete and metal as fast as I can while calling in multiple resupply ships. As I build my first dome I also focus on building more air and water than I need and double up on pipes and power lines so if one goes out everything keeps functioning. This time goes much smoother and as my colonist arrive and my second dome goes up and starts moving thing faster things start getting easier.

The game looks beautiful and the music is great and varied with each station having its own fun little commercials. I also wouldn’t classify the game as hard but it can be a challenge, but the game does punish you for your mistakes and one disaster can have a cascading effect on colony as a whole. The game is very well done and any fan of the genre would be wise to give this one a chance. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.