Resident Evil: Revelations 2 first impressions – Gamefans8

As a horror fan, of course I’m a Resident Evil fan but I can’t say I really played the Revelations games. Friends and fellow fans give them good reviews but I just never played them. Well, I got Episode 1 of Revelations 2 (which the fact the game is episodic kind of pissed me off at first) Playing a decent chunk of the game however, I found quite a lot of things I really liked.

Series veteran Claire Redfield and Moira Burton (daughter of RE alum Barry from the first game) get kidnapped during a fancy fundraiser and taken to a dark, dank, underground prison where some biological experiments have gone on and they have to survive while being surveyed by a raspy voiced watcher.

First I have to say I love the game’s familiar controls just made more fluid; standard controls feel like 4 but made quickened and the partner switching is just as fluid and easy as it was in 0. Aiming is easy and quick but I have felt a bit airy when shooting- like something about shooting gave me a feeling at first like I may have been missing when I wasn’t.? Moira’s part is interesting. She pretty much mans a flashlight and a crowbar, using the light to blind zombies or find hidden items while using the crowbar to defend yourself or Claire. I never found her useless like prior sidekicks and her A.I isn’t brain dead either and vice versa. The monsters I found so far are…well, Resident Evil standard, gooey, gory, and want you dead. Did I find them scary, eh not really but never the less the bastards weren’t paper people either. I get why the story is episodic now but I still wished it was? just one game. In the end, I want to finish it up and enjoy it because I think it will be good. May the gaming gods bring you glory, and dammit no one wants to be a Jill Sandwich.

Mario&Luigi Bowser’s Inside Story+ Bowser JR’s Journey – Gamefans8

For those that enjoyed Bowser’s inside story you will be happy to know that in 2019 a remake will be coming to the 3Ds. If it follows the same pattern as other remakes such as?Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga + Bowser¡¯s Minions?this will involve updated graphics and a bunch of new story content. Not much information however was given, hopefully more info will be released soon. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Immortal Unchained (Alpha) preview. – Gamefans8

First of all, I’d like to give a special shout out to a dear friend Sir Feliciano, an upcoming gaming Youtuber. Love you bro. Anyway, he got access to a demo for a game called Immortal Unchained that I have to say looks pretty sweet. I’m getting a heavy Dark Souls vibe only with guns and a more science fiction feel than SoulsBorne. I will say the environment looks beautiful and the gameplay looks fun. It is an alpha however, so things are definitely subject to change. So enjoy Sir Feliciano showing off his first impressions and check him out on YouTube; may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Fortnite, first impressions – Gamefans8

Fortnite, in the few months it’s been out, has become a runaway sensation. Everyday my friends play it; everyday I wonder what’s the big deal. Finally, Savior and I gave it a try last night and after 6 matches I feel like I have a fair opinion. The short version: Fortnite feels almost like a?Hunger Games?simulator. You get dumped off, (if you are smart) you haul ass to avoid the crowds, get some kind of supplies, and haul ass to survive a map and host of other players that want you dead. I can’t stress that tidbit enough: don’t go for the balls-out approach unless you are really leveled up or you have a full group. Savior and I creeped around and gathered what we could for a decent chance at surviving later encounters. Gameplay is surprisingly solid for both gunplay and crafting. My favorite aspect was the tension I felt as we went creeping about, not knowing what or who we would find next. This is ABSOLUTELY a game I recommend playing with your buddies because I can see it getting boring, if not totally annoying if played alone.

To round out this review, I’d like to share a video, courtesy of our friend Sir Feliciano of Jonathan Media Group @ Youtube of him getting his ass kicked but having fun. I also gave him a shout out for his help on my?Immortal Unchained (Alpha) preview.?post. May the gaming gods bring you glory and enjoy.

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 – Gamefans8

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away there was a epic video game called Star Wars: Battlefront 2. It was and perhaps still is one of the greatest Star Wars games next to?Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic?but sadly, there was a disturbance in the Force and so came the dark lords at EA.

Classic Battlefront 2 was a massive game for the time. Released on the heels of Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, the story revolving around the memoirs of a retired Clone Trooper as he recounts the Clone Wars, the downfall of the Republic, and the rise of the Empire. We got to enjoy enormous third person battles straight from the movie, visiting beautifully done and films accurate maps. Vehicles, space, and almost 20 of our favorite characters throughout the series like Luke Skywalker,? Yoda, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, as well as more minor but still awesome characters such as Ki Adi Mundi and Aylah Secura. What made this game loads of fun was Galactic Conquest: capturing worlds for credits used to buy new advantages in battle like health regenerating troops, extra garrisons, or even having a hero commander join you for example. The classes were fun, each faction had 7, the last two custom to the faction, whether getting a stealthy Bothan spy or the Droidieka murder machine and your weapons and characters were upgraded by a fair prestige system for simple achievements in match. For war game fans and Star Wars nerds alike, this game is a must play and I can’t recommend it enough…but alas my friends, there is a dark side as I said.

With my pal Autobot, I tried EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and well…WHAT THE FUCK EA? Given my extreme disappointment over the first attempt at Battlefront, I was desperately optimistic to the point Savior wanted to kick my ass as was the case with?Justice League (2017)? or?Power Rangers?So I’m going to say the game is stunning to look at visually with damn nice character models and great score. Other than that, I can’t find much I liked. I hated how space combat felt, the controls felt too off and I found there to be a major lack of variety of ships and functions. Speaking of, despite playing a little bit through all three trilogies, I couldn’t help feeling a lack of variety in the ground trooper classes: assault, heavy, sniper, and other. That’s it. Heroes are far less plentiful and nowhere near as fun to play as. What was the cherry on the shit sundae were the hard crashes we experienced; of 10 matches we crashed 3 in a row over two pretty boring game modes. I can’t recommend this reboot at all and friends don’t let friends play this damn game.

May the gaming gods bring you glory, and please take this away from this: graphics don’t mean everything, effort and love will always shine through.

H1Z1 Hits PlayStation in May – Gamefans8

As many of you may already know? the free battle royale game H1Z1 hits PS4 next month to the mixed reaction of many. For more specifics on the changes and a video you can look?here?but we are going to focus on how many people feel. Seeing as how H1Z1 was popular well before Pubg and Fortnight many would think people would be happy to see this getting a jump to console. After all, new players might revitalize the community. The issue is most PC player seem to have lost faith in Daybreak Games to deliver a solid experience to the console after years of let downs on computer. I for one remain skeptical because of how long it took for this to happen at all, but next month will be interesting. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Detroit:Become Human Demo – Gamefans8

I first saw this movie a while back like everyone else at an E3 and thought hey this looks interesting, and pretty. I didn’t much care about the game tho. It was an interesting concept to be sure, it just didn’t seem like my kind of game. Of course when a demo came out tho, I downloaded that to give it a shot. Kind of our thing here at Savior Gaming right?

So the demo starts off with you walking into a crime scene. I was expecting to talk to a few people talk to the shooter and poof demo over. So I walk in and talk to the guy in charge, and he fills me in. A family android has gone off the deep end and killed some people and taken a girl hostage, my job as Connor, another android, is to save the girl above all else.

This is where my expectations were way off. As I wonder the apartment I must learn about what has taken place, and each new information gives me a better chance at success. From learning the androids name is Daniel to the fact that he was close to the daughter. As you piece the crime back together the situation grows more dangerous and it became time to talk to Daniel.

As you walk out the door Daniel takes a shot at you, but the injury isn’t severe. From here this can play out in many ways. For me I slowly made my way closer, gaining his trust and lying about the gun I had found earlier. I reminded him that this little girl was his friend and they were close and she had done nothing wrong. He just wanted to live after all and I was his only chance. This is when he let his guard down and I took the chance to put a bullet in his dead, freeing the girl and ending the stand-off.

After playing thru you get to see a flow chart of all how things have played out for you and the different paths that can happen, and there are plenty. After playing a few more times I noticed a few pieces of evidence I have missed and could have done differently and I have to admit, after playing the demo I have gone from uninterested in the game, to I will eventually buy this one. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Dishonored 2, preview – Gamefans8

I’m a big fan of the first?Dishonored?but I will admit, there was some fairly big problems with it. The areas felt more like set pieces than living cities, abilities felt rather limited, there weren’t many nonlethal take down methods for a game that wants you to to go full no kill. I’m happy to say all these problems have been fixed so far. Environments are? not only beautiful and more colorful than before, but they are more populated and feel like a real city. Combat got much more varied with more nonlethal options, with a lot more runes and bone charms about to power up. I can say the game is a bit harder than the first but I’m fine with that and I’m excited to keep playing. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

E3 games I want, and don’t ( Torsten version) – Gamefans8

E3 is on it’s way for 2018, and that means a whole lot of new game reveals as well the newest leaps forward in our favorite gaming tech. Savior did a list of?2 Games I Hope Are At E3, And 1 I stopped Caring About.?and asked me for my thoughts so here we go first with a few games I want…

?1. Resident Evil 2 remake- this game brings a lot of memories almost pissing myself with my friends as a kid. I loved the first game’s remake and I hope they give 2 a similar treatment.

?2. Code Vein- I love the horror themes and ass kicking gameplay of?BloodBorne?so when I saw a trailer that had such a combination but was rendered like an anime, I immediately fell in love with the concept of vampires, anime, and that swift Bloodborne gameplay.

?3. Moons of Madness- I saw the trailer for this a little while ago and I thought the idea of Lovecraft in space was pretty cool. As the marketing for Alien put it, in space no one can hear you scream, right?

And now, something I’m sure we’ll get that I couldn’t give a crap about…

? Battlefield 5- I loved?Battlefield 4?and Battlefield 1 was fun and interesting, going back to WW1 which many shooters don’t ever really do. I have to admit, this doesn’t really come down so much on the Battlefield series as much as my distaste for EA and how burned out I am on FPS games.?Star Wars: Battlefront 2? was the final nail in the coffin for me and if BF5 runs anything like that, I’m done with the series.

May the gaming gods bring you glory.