Beetlejuice – Gamefans8

I know what you’re thinking, ” Torsten, please don’t say it three times in a row. We know you want to but please don’t.” Well, as much as I’d like to, I won’t. I will say Beetlejuice is the man…

Adam and Barbara Maitland were a normal, happy couple living in there big secluded house. One day they have a car accident. After journeying home, they discover they can’t leave, time has skipped forward, and they don’t appear in the mirror- in short, they’re dead. With only a confusing book on being deceased to guide them, the couple has a new problem: a new family has moved in. The Dietz’s family are almost the polar opposites, turning there once humble home into a gawdy art piece. The only living person to acknowledge the pair is the Dietz’s daughter, Lydia, a shy, gloomy girl. No matter how hard they try to scare the Dietzs away, nothing works and they are forced to try a maniacal bio-exorcist by the name of Betleguse..

What can I say other than this is Tim Burton at arguably his best. The movie is a great blend of light and dark comedy, not to mention some great musical numbers. Michael Keaton as Betleguse is hilarious and steals the show. The movie is full of great performances and cool effects. Beetlejuice is a super cool movie I recommend checking out if you never have, it’s definitely a different kind of comedy. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho – Gamefans8

Ken Jeong, or as most people know him as the guy from The Hangover. In what I believe is his first Netflix special and his return to stand-up he covers all sorts of topics from his decision to leave medicine and get into movies, what it was like being a doctor and even some stories from the road such as meeting Presidents.

The stand up is pretty funny but honestly, it is for a specific type of humor. For example, if you aren’t a fan of the self-deprecating and insult style you probably shouldn’t watch this one. It also is not for kids in any capacity, there is plenty of languages that they really shouldn’t hear. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Space Jam 2 Finally Gets Release Date – Gamefans8

You , That read that right. After what feels like years of waiting and rumors, because it probably was,? Space Jam 2 will finally see the light of day and Lebron will finally be equal to Jordan and get to save the universe with the Loony Toones. That date, July 6th,2021. Now I don’t know how good this will be, but I am rather excited to see it all the same. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Final Destination 2 – Gamefans8

Final Destination?failed to me as a horror movie in damn near every way, but damn did I laugh my ass off. I had had heard the series got more crazier and more convoluted as it continues, so with that notion I happily tuned into the sequel. So was my appetite for mayhem and WTF moments quenched?

A year after the fabled plane crash of Flight 180, a group of friends is going on a road trip. Kim, a sweet, pretty good girl has a vision on the road and sees a nasty, bloody pile up. She stalls the road, saving a group from there gory fate while being the sole survivor of her friends. As before, the survivors drop off in strange ways and Kim discovers the similar fates of Flight 180, searching for Clear, the now sole survivor and the only person that can help her. Can these survivors learn from the last groups mistakes and beat death together?

I have to say this was a fun watch. The effects are better, the deaths more convoluted, and there are more of them. I didn’t mind the characters so much this time around and overall I felt was better acted. I felt this movie didn’t try to take itself as seriously which helped. I don’t regard it as a horror in any sense, except for yet a always awesome cameo by Tony Todd. In the end, its a pretty fun movie with some cool kills but it’s kinda disposable. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Final Destination – Gamefans8

I hate to say it as a horror fan but I’m really damn late to the party here- like a decade and a half too late almost. I remember seeing the 5th movie in theaters and having a lot of fun with it but never really getting the chance to dive into the series until now. So how does this cult horror classic hold up almost 2 decades later?

Alex was a normal kid on his way to a end of the year field trip to France with his classmates. At first, he notices little things here and there that he takes as just pre-flight jitters. Suddenly, Alex has a terrible vision of the plane exploding and crashing killing all on board. Waking from the vision, seeing the scenarios identically, he throws a fit that gets him and handful of others off the plane. It does indeed go up and the passengers all die, except for them. With there lives in ruin, haunted by the tragedy, it doesn’t end there as circumstance takes over and the survivors begin dying one by one as death comes to collect what he was cheated from…

I know many have a soft spot for this series so I have to say I can’t see this as a horror movie. Dark horror comedy perhaps, but taking the plunge and calling it a serious horror movie is a leap not even Superman can jump. I laughed my ass off most of the movie, when I didn’t want the bully character to die or wasn’t guessing where the kill would come from. Tony Todd’s cameo is genuinely creepy and better than the movie deserves. The acting isn’t great but the effects aren’t bad to compensate. There are great ideas in here and a couple decent serious dramatic moments but nothing seems to really take off for me. Still, I had fun as a goofy sort of dorky kind of way. In the end, it comes down to what you are ultimately looking for, if you want a laugh and some interesting kills then Final Destination is a good pick. Want something genuinely scary, go somewhere else. May the gaming gods bring you glory..

Hellboy 2019 trailer 2 – Gamefans8

So we got a legitimate Red Band R rated trailer for Hellboy 2019 and I’m actually pretty glad we have confirmation it’ll be R rated. I can’t tell you how much it pissed me off when?Venom?was made Pg-13; I feel the R rating does Hellboy it’s own identity. I like this trailer better but I still feel uneasy about the movie overall. Maybe it’s my attachment to the original?Hellboy?movies but I’m honestly worried we’re getting a R rated MCU movie. Time will tell but until then may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Captain Marvel – Gamefans8

Admittedly there’s been a lot of controversy Captain Marvel’s film debut, much like there was over last year’s release of?Black Panther?. I’ve heard plenty of reviews going into this, but as always I try going into everything with an open mind, so with that being said, how was the first female lead Marvel film?

Carol Danvers was a young woman who seemingly died in a test plane accident; this was not fully the case. Her memories nearly wiped clean and with powers she can’t fully understand, she was rescued by the Kree and drafted into Star Force, trained as a soldier to protect the greater good in a intergalactic war between the Kree and the devious, shape shifting Skrull. During a conflict between the two, she crashes on Earth during the 90’s where she meets a young Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D who gets drafted into her hunt for the Skrull as her memories unfold and her allegiances are tempted as she discovers herself and her true power…

First, I have to say I disagree with almost every review of this I’ve seen. It’s a fun movie with some issues. I liked Brie Larson as Marvel and I thought she had had a overall good character arc through the movie. Sam Jackson steals the show as a young Fury, followed closely by Goose the Cat. The acting is overall solid. The soundtrack and score are pretty good. The effects are great but the opening battle isn’t filmed very good, too dark, and it was hard as hell to track. I wasn’t a fan of the first act of the movie, but it picks up once you get to Earth. After seeing it, a problem I feel is I think it’s misplaced in the MCU; I feel if it was placed in Phase 2 it would’ve fit better- I feel her character would have benefited from more time and development with the story at play. Now, what irked me, Sniper, and I’m sure will piss off most hard core Marvel fans I can’t spoil but if you are a stickler for Marvel lore it will piss you off. Hopefully to counter balance, the Stan Lee tribute in the beginning did almost make us cry a little. In the end, Captain Marvel was a fun movie, certainly not legendary but certainly not worth many of the poor reviews I’ve seen. May the gaming gods bring you glory.

Ant-Man and the Wasp – Gamefans8

Ant-Man?was a huge surprise hit, rounding out Phase 2 of the MCU. With a imaginative array of settings and action, the first Ant-man had a cool flavor to it that lead into much of the psychedelic feel of Phase 3. After?Ant-Man and the Wasp, trailer 2?it was looking lightning might have stricken twice, but did it?

Taking place right after?Captain America: Civil War (Cap side)?, Scott Lange has been under house arrest, just about on the cusp of freedom. Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne are M.I.A and wanted by the feds; there feelings towards Scott ain’t very warm. They reconnect because Scott has a strange vision of Hank’s wife, Janet, who had gone missing in the Quantum-verse. They need Scott’s help to finish a prototype to reach her but along the way they are hunted by black market dealers and a mysterious young woman named Ghost who laid victim to one of Pym’s earlier experiments with Quantum tech. Can they save Janet and Scott’s freedom?

I’m going to be honest and pretty blunt here: this is my pick for weakest movie in Phase 3. The movie ain’t terrible by any means but lacks much of the excitement and imagination the first movie had. Without that, a lot of the jokes and the heaviness of them makes a lot of the comedy feel stale. Wasp stole the show for me; I always loved her in the comics and she was pretty awesome here. The acting is solid all around. Ghost is a Ok villain but there’s been better in Phase 3 but not the worst. In the end, it ain’t a bad movie and worth a Netflix watch but I wouldn’t bust my ass to own it and the most important scenes can be seen on Youtube. May the gaming gods bring you glory.