Kingdom Come Deliverance – Gamefans8

Kingdom Come Deliverance seems to be a pretty divisive game even among my close friends. The word Eurojank gets tossed around a lot as well. One friend takes great issue with the eating mechanic claiming it gets in the way, and admittedly I do wish Henry would shut up with his damn complaining about being hungry every 2 minutes when he isn’t even that hungry. There is one thing we all agree on tho, but I will get to that a little later.

To start, the game is beautiful on my Xbox One X but there is a small exception to that. Sometimes the graphics don’t quite load as fast in some spots on others and for a moment certain things won’t load in and suddenly you got a chick walking around with no head for a few seconds or suddenly a tree that wasn’t there will suddenly be there. Its nothing game breaking and at times it will be funny, but some people this will be a major issue for.

The combat is nice, it is however slow and methodical. Unlike games like Skyrim or the most action games you won’t be running in and hacking and slashing your way to a quick win, at least not often. You will be circling each other and attempting to out smart each other as you slash and stab each other. There is also no magic at all in this game.

Two things you do pretty much NEED to know, as of now the lock picking while technically possible is hard as hell. In fact I have spoken to several people who have never even managed to do it. I tried once and said screw it and stopped trying since the company has said they intend to fix it in an upcoming patch. The second thing you need to know is that you play the son of a blacksmith and as such you pretty much suck at EVERTYHING. In fact your character can not even read at the start of the game. Many of the issues people have with the game actually seems to stem from the fact that in a way this is a true RPG. You aren’t a chosen one or special really in any way. You simply are the son of a blacksmith and the game treats you as such. Many of the games characters actually talk down to you because of it.

The game is far from perfect, you can find many Youtube videos about the many glitches in the game, and there are many possible to run in to. My hours in the game didn’t have me come across any of the severe ones like floating people or people loading inside of other people,sadly because I really want to try to shoot a floating person with an arrow but hey, no luck so far.

The game is best viewed however as a medieval life simulator if you want to get the most enjoyment. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.

Violence in Video Games…Again – Gamefans8

It seems like every so often after a tragedy someone decides its the fault of video games. Before we go any further by the way, this transcends party lines. At one point Democrat?Hillary Clinton?took her shots at the industry and she wasn’t alone. The original Mortal Kombat was also attacked from what seemed like all sides for what was touted as realistic violence and blood.

This time around however it is American Republicans. Recently?Donald Trump?also decided to blame violent video games and movies and according to?Robert Nardolillo?of Rhode Island they actually need a special Tax applied to them, which while it would help schools it would exclusively be used to punish gamers for an alleged issue being caused by games that I will discuss in a minute, but spoiler, science mostly says otherwise.

In a recent study from the University of?New York?found no evidence to support the claim that video games make players more violent and in the opinion of?Jesse Marczyk, Ph.D?this claim also holds no water. There is also some simple common sense to this tho. Violent video games are played all over the world, yet these shootings aren’t an issue in every country. Hell it isn’t even an issue in every state tho I promise you will find a copy of Grand Theft Auto in all 50 states. Another study also?shows?no link between violent games and movies and real life violence.

I do apologize for all the links on this one by the way, I know they can be annoying at times. I do however realize this subject can be very divisive and I did want to share the source of where the claim was coming from in case people wanted to see that for themselves. Best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you safety and glory.

5 Marvel stories that hooked me – Gamefans8

As a great man always said, “Hey there, true believers.” Though the amount of DC content we have here on Saviorgaming may suggest differently, I don’t consider myself a DC fanboy. I like to think I have a love for both pretty equally. While maybe not considered classics, these were stories I’ve read from Marvel that just hooked me I want to talk about in no particular order, starting with…

?1. Captain America: Castaway in Dimension Z – this story brings Cap to another time and world out of place, a wastleland of horrors and hardship ruled by Baron Zola. Aided by the boy Zola claims as his son, Cap must survive living hell in? Dimension Z.

?2. The Thanos Imperative- the scope of this massive space story was breathtaking, featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Medusa, Quasar,? Gladiator, Silver Surfer, Galactus, Captain Marvell, and of course the Mad Titan Thanos, there’s a epic fight amongst our universe and the Cancerverse, leading to a sad farewell to some beloved characters.

?3. Age of Ultron- disclaimer, this isn’t what the movie was based on. This story focuses on the dystopia of the world after Ultron took over and consumed Vision and became perfect, essentially this is the worst case scenario. It was a punch in the gut to see how destroyed what remaining Avengers become and the book ends with Wolverine and Invisible Woman going back in time to assassinate Hank Pym (Ant-Man) so Ultron is never born.

?4. Deadpool Kills trilogy ( Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, Deadpool: Killustrated, and Deadpool kills Deadpool)- as these titles suggest, there’s a lot of killing. An evil Deadpool goes on a murder spree through Marvel, than through the realities of fiction to murder the influences of Marvel, and finally murders his own multi-verse selves. Just wow. Dark, morbidly hilarious and creative, and bloody as hell.

?5. Guardians of the Galaxy/ All New X-Men: The Trial of Jean Grey- if both teams didn’t have enough problems to deal with, a league of alien rulers piss themselves to discover Jean Grey is alive and walking about, not caring she is young, naive, and only vaguely aware of the horrors of the Phoenix in her future. Taken, it’s up to the two teams to band together to get her back, filled with some cool action and laughs, it’s a good crossover.

I hope you enjoyed, best wishes, and may the gaming gods bring you glory. Excelsior!

Zodiac (2007) – Gamefans8

Hey who here loves serial killers? Pretty morbid question to ask I know. My favorite is Jack the Ripper. I know its cliche and everyone mentions him but he is just a fun one with a great conspiracy surrounding him. This movie is about the case surrounding the Zodiac killer.

Admittedly I am not overly familiar with the case and stuff surrounding the Zodiac killer, but the movie it self does an amazing job telling the story from different angles. From the killer standpoint we get to see the different murders from that perspective. This is interesting but is clearly just supposition for the movie. On the flip side we also get to see the side from the media getting letters from Zodiac and the decision to print the first letters or not and the toll it took on one of the writers when Zodiac started threatening him.

The other side is the perspective of the cops and their hunt to find him and their struggle and the toll it took on the detectives chasing him and what it was like attempting to catch an elusive and dangerous killer as he avoided them at every turn.

The movie was fun and interesting but was pretty long and had a tendency to drag and felt like some parts dragged a big to much. If you like this sort of thing the movie is great, if not you may be a little bored at times. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.