The Matrix (1999) – Gamefans8

Today I realized? this movie is almost 20 years old,and that upsets me. This movie also changed a lot in movies, namely everyone and their brother using that bullet dodge move Neo does, you know the one. We aren’t getting into it right now. We all now the story, computer hacker meet beautiful woman, computer hacker wants a lil something something if you know what I mean,?computer hacker gets a choice between 2 pills, computer hacker discovers his entire life is not what it seemed.

The entire purpose of this movie is to make people thing, to question what is going on around them and to ask, what is reality and how would you know what is real and what isn’t? I think,there are plenty of theories out there. Regardless this movie that brought us memes and long black coats is still to this day discussed for a reason. It looked beautiful, sounded beautiful, had a rich and engrossing story and all these years later is still meme worthy. If you haven’t seen it by now you need to, and lucky for you the trilogy is on Hulu. Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.