Great Games With Odd Flaws – Gamefans8

Every so often we all play a game that is fun or even great, but it just has a really odd flaw. Not game ruining or anything like that, just enough to be annoying at times or just generally piss us off. Here as just a few I have come across.

Dark Souls 2, Scholar Of the First Sin.

When I played this game first i hated the game, the hit boxes were trash and the camera angles drove me nuts. Not as bad as the original Dark Souls or even Demon Souls but it was there. Than a friend lent me Bloodborne and SOTFS and the work they did was amazing. But the one odd flaw Dark Souls 2 still has, it seems like the vast majority of the bosses are still hidden. Sure if you look around enough you can still find them, but why would you hide most of the bosses this way? Great game, odd flaw.

Civilization Revolution is an amazing game where you guide you country from helpless nomads to the technological marvels of space travel. Weirdly tho, there is a turn limit. Now you can usually finish off anything you want to do before this becomes an issue but sometimes you will be building a rocket and suddenly you will have 5 turns to finish, suddenly the game ends and that is it. Highest score gets a domination victory.

Fortnight,yea I realize this one will probably get me some shit. The odd flaw in this one is it seems like every game I watch the winner has 1 kill. The person spends the entire gaming hiding or roaming around, shoots 1 maybe 2 people and boom wins. I’ve noticed this same thing happens in PUBG.

Both are perfectly great games in their own rights, I am not bashing either game or any game on this list. But to me these are just very odd flaws. So what are some odd flaws you noticed? Best wishes and may the gaming gods bring you glory.