E3 games I want, and don’t ( Torsten version) – Gamefans8

E3 is on it’s way for 2018, and that means a whole lot of new game reveals as well the newest leaps forward in our favorite gaming tech. Savior did a list of?2 Games I Hope Are At E3, And 1 I stopped Caring About.?and asked me for my thoughts so here we go first with a few games I want…

?1. Resident Evil 2 remake- this game brings a lot of memories almost pissing myself with my friends as a kid. I loved the first game’s remake and I hope they give 2 a similar treatment.

?2. Code Vein- I love the horror themes and ass kicking gameplay of?BloodBorne?so when I saw a trailer that had such a combination but was rendered like an anime, I immediately fell in love with the concept of vampires, anime, and that swift Bloodborne gameplay.

?3. Moons of Madness- I saw the trailer for this a little while ago and I thought the idea of Lovecraft in space was pretty cool. As the marketing for Alien put it, in space no one can hear you scream, right?

And now, something I’m sure we’ll get that I couldn’t give a crap about…

? Battlefield 5- I loved?Battlefield 4?and Battlefield 1 was fun and interesting, going back to WW1 which many shooters don’t ever really do. I have to admit, this doesn’t really come down so much on the Battlefield series as much as my distaste for EA and how burned out I am on FPS games.?Star Wars: Battlefront 2? was the final nail in the coffin for me and if BF5 runs anything like that, I’m done with the series.

May the gaming gods bring you glory.